barbecue has its unique flavor and the environment, has a huge consumer groups in the country, usually the streets and lanes has always been able to see someone holding a barbecue to eat with relish, or see the people sitting there drinking in knots to eat barbecue in the street stalls, some tall buffet barbecue become the young people welcome the catering mode, diversified barbecue, or spicy, or is delicious, or mixed, to become a delicious barbecue food as necessary.

barbecue it sounds simple, but the good is not easy, because it is necessary to have baked heat, to grasp the taste of the conditioning, as well as to cater to local tastes, let people control is not fine, but also many businessmen to invest the focus here, with less money, get higher return, the network also stall to earn high profits, steady over ordinary white-collar income, then join the barbecue how much money, how do the reasonable risk control, winning wealth?

Why do you choose


The characteristics of location where

since it will choose to join the barbecue, barbecue where, to choose a suitable location to the corresponding people to do a survey is a must, only understand their business customers, make marketing strategy in order to better.

How much money is needed to join