business has now become the social theme, and in many places is also actively training some staff to learn some entrepreneurial skills, in order to promote the whole social entrepreneurship in Hangzhou recently, he received the 16 Ya’an disaster tourism industry a new mother.

"I didn’t expect to live a lifetime will be" the schoolbag on the back and then start. "." The 17 day, the 50 year old Wang Shuqiong was attending the Hangzhou for half a month, returned to his hometown of tourism training.

"body burden of a day than a day, I don’t know how to do? In particular, the husband on the way home to work on the unfortunate trip to the toe of the trip, I feel the sky is falling down!" Wang Shuqiong told reporters, in order to subsidize home, she went to a lot of work on the site, farming, mixed soil…… "Sometimes a day to do a few jobs, the children go to college and need a lot of money, for a long time, the burden on my body the heavier pressure."

as the loss of time, that the Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation in mountain village started to rebuild industry as the core of the beautiful countryside construction work. In the understanding of the project, Wang Shuqiong volunteered to join cooperatives, and mountain villagers to join a hostel construction team.

In order to study