in the process of rapid economic development, a series of environmental problems are also very worrying! Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, which not only destroy the atmosphere, but also cause serious damage to our drinking water! So, for such a phenomenon, Xiamen how to layout the ecological environment monitoring network?

from the sky to the ground, and even water, the need to protect the ecological environment of too many elements, whether it can be considered comprehensive? Recently, the municipal government office issued a "work plan" monitoring network construction of ecological environment in Xiamen City, proposed the establishment of a "ecological environment monitoring network within the city, will include the atmosphere, water, noise, radiation, soil, biological and other factors.

to 2020, the basic platform for the construction of ecological environment monitoring data

"program" detailed from 2016 to 2020 each year to achieve the objectives of the task. Before the end of this year, the city’s ecological environment to determine the key regulatory areas and layout of monitoring points, clear classification and division of responsibilities of all kinds of monitoring powers, start the construction of large data platform.

to 2020, the city’s ecological environment monitoring network of the basic realization of ecological environment quality, the key sources of pollution, ecological monitoring, ecological control line control area monitoring point coverage, ecological environment monitoring data platform basically completed, all kinds of monitoring data sharing system interconnection, forecasting and early warning ability, intelligence information and security levels improved significantly monitoring and supervision coordination, initially built and the construction of ecological civilization to adapt to the requirements of "co-ordination of land and sea, based on the test tube, unified information sharing," the ecological environment monitoring network.

key ecological protection areas and key pollution sources will strengthen monitoring

"program" in the two referred to strengthen key monitoring". The first is the "key areas", including the Chinese White Dolphin Nature Reserve and biodiversity conservation area, centralized drinking water sources, wetlands, soil erosion sensitive area, ecological forest, river estuary, special marine reserves, agricultural products (000061, stock it) production base ecological control line control through the area, UAV Remote Sensing and ground monitoring and other means to strengthen the monitoring of ecological.

second is the "key pollution sources, such as" above the level of monitoring of key enterprises, livestock farming and other agricultural pollution sources, sewage and transportation and other domestic pollution sources, through the installation of online monitoring system of pollutant discharge, build normalization supervision system.

Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau led the construction of data platform, fraud will be strictly

according to the program requirements, the city should establish a unified data platform. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the city’s ecological environment monitoring information platform for the construction of large data, and to achieve recommendations