Internet era, home building materials industry has not been the same as the development of flooring companies, the competition is constantly upgrading. In the context of the Internet era, the continuous development of the electricity supplier model is affecting the development of enterprises. Flooring companies want to win in the fierce competition in the market, but also with the help of the development trend of the internet.

flooring enterprises facing challenges in the Internet trend below

a first-line brand flooring chairman in an interview with reporters said the floor net, agree with the latter, the tide of the Internet through the integration of traditional industries, the Internet has changed the traditional industry practice no ground for blame. But the Internet is just a means, the competitiveness of the product itself or strength. Mass sports enthusiasts, hoping to force the tide of the Internet to subvert the dream may not shine into reality. From quantitative change to qualitative change, the process of accumulation. External factors are important, internal factors is the real competitiveness. Snafu generous and generous, not only is the change Dynasties "frenzy", but also need to adhere to the ten years of grinding sword.