heard a statement before this is why this era has been able to progress forward, nothing more than three words: diversity. What do you mean? Perhaps because of the diversity of the world, so that the world because of the diversity of the collision can be derived more than what we do not know. For example: the food and beverage industry if there is no replacement for the diversity of the brand will not have such a hot food market exists. Because what is left is the best, the best to meet the needs of consumers. Sushi is a kind of food now many people are more love, so many investors want to open a sushi restaurant, CHO, Da Zushi has a lot of sushi in the country, joining Machida Zushi has also been a lot of people’s attention. So how much is Machida Zushi joining fee?.

what is Machida Zushi’s investment fund?

"Machida Zushi" brand was founded in Shenyang in 2004, and quickly with good product quality, won the favor of consumers. Through the continuous efforts of the company’s innovation, independent research and development of more than and 30 kinds of unique taste, suitable for Chinese customers taste and well received sushi. "Do Chinese sushi" has become the purpose of the enterprise unchanged. Over the years, "Machida Zushi" brand continues to grow, in 2008 the development of franchise, and to spark Liaoyuanzhishi quickly across the three provinces in Northeast China, as of 2015, "Machida Zushi" stores a total of 390, the same year in May, "Machida Zushi", a comprehensive upgrade to the "sushi".

Machida Zushi is hot to join, join the fee as follows:

is a small mini shop (about 20 square meters), joined the fee of $8800, a deposit of 3000 yuan a slightly larger standard store (shop area). In more than and 30 square meters, the franchise fee is $12800, $5000 deposit

a variety of options, ultra-low cost of joining, so that you worry about the venture, a few million to join the cost is also the majority of franchisees can afford, if you want to join, they quickly action!