2015, China has given a lot of financial support in terms of entrepreneurship and employment, for which the amount of tax relief reached 300 billion yuan. Tianjin in 12th Five-Year during the positive response to the central call for five years to lend $1 billion 154 million.

2016, the city will continue to improve policies, give full play to the role of business loans in the venture capital bottleneck crack, efforts to promote the "four changes" to promote more people to succeed in business, which is the main line of work from towns to urban and rural transformation, increase the focus from individual industrial and commercial households do strong enterprises to change the bigger, the total number of issued by the big goal to improve quality of change, all workers to change support from the urban unemployed, the city college students, rural surplus labor to enterprises including laid-off workers, non-native college graduates entrepreneurship. Strive to pay 400 million yuan a year to promote more successful business.

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