jewelry industry is a durable industry, huge market space. Look at the cross line professional old businessman how to transform, and in the jewelry industry to play fast, perhaps read the following you will also rise the idea of change.

4 stores from the beginning have tasted the "sweetness" after the lacquer forest with the fastest speed in succession 12 shop, two new stores will be opened. In the words of Lin Lin, the reason why the shop with such a fast speed, because there are latecomers competing for the market. "Not good, shop rents also rose quickly, now the Chengdu market is not saturated, Xianpao horse enclosure, seize the." Lin Qi explained, "in order to find the shop, my car is broken open car, I almost every day in the shop, on the road to find the target store, I am afraid of change speed up their market rate". Now, the prospects for the development of the retail industry has been very clear, he said, there is a store only resources, so we must speed up and then accelerate!

most let Lin Qi is proud to find a good shop. He said, in the third open is his most satisfying one, when he was going to the store as well in the Chengdu market image store. The store is located in Chengdu, Shuangliu County’s best location, the location of the store, it radiates a lot of Chengdu shopping district. Lacquer Lin said that the store is also the largest in all of his shops in the store, the average monthly sales of more than 100 thousand yuan. Let Lin Qi remember is the day of the opening of the store, do a 12% off promotional activities opening day, unexpectedly caused a berserk situation, but discounted advertising removed, with "no discount, giving full membership card" strategy, but the situation is still recommended panic buying