money in hand, want to make money the best way to make money? Investment, of course! Speaking of investment, it is necessary to find a good investment and entrepreneurship projects. Today to introduce you to several promising more money King good project there, to see which one is the best method for your money and money!

A, 20 thousand yuan   open beverage shop

according to the classification of the National Bureau of statistics of the third industrial census and the corresponding adjustment, the soft drinks industry is the food industry and beverage manufacturing industry categories in a class. The market of beverage products in our country is bigger than that of any country. At present, China’s per capita consumption of beverages is only 8000 grams, the world average of 1 / 5, is developed in Western Europe, the country’s 1 / 24, therefore, China’s beverage industry has great potential for development. Million investment, open a beverage shop, is a good way to make money in the summer money.

recommended items: Pomelo see lemon fruit drinks      

for city drinking

two, 30 thousand yuan investment in electric vehicle


as an energy-saving and relatively cheap travel tools, electric bicycle is more suitable for the future development of the green transportation conditions, China. Thinking carefully, the electric car industry in the folk so popular for a reason: 1. Low carbon environmental protection, in line with national environmental requirements; two. Light and flexible, people travel convenience; three. High cost, (average one kilometer only takes about seven cents) make love not release homes. With the construction and improvement of rural roads, the majority of rural areas will further increase the demand for electric bicycles. Conservative estimates in the next 5 years, China’s electric bicycle ownership will be more than 300 million.

recommended items: fresh morning electric     Ouxiang electric

three, 50 thousand yuan   management of water sports park

Recommended items:

small for you to recommend the items above, do not have high investment, without high risk, is a good method for money, is a good opportunity for investment! If you still have doubt, can give small to small business advice, I will be in the first time.