women like to be spoiled, are a romantic fantasy do not consider the money of the trip to Sanya. And this women’s day, Baidu Nuomi has helped 37 lucky women to achieve such a dream. Sanya girls were crying, free experience super run yacht, you envy it?

also lucky and Beijing University of Finance and senior dennis. She has been planning a trip through the Baidu Nuomi 3·, 7 girls’ day dream come true. "I never thought my graduation trip could be so tall, but fortunately I saw the news in the hours before the registration, my classmates are particularly envious, too memorable." Although before the registration, Dan’s mom has always opposed, fear may be a hoax, a few degrees calling to confirm to the hotel.

"my mom said there are a lot of deception to sell human organs, did not think Baidu Nuomi gave me an unforgettable experience." Dan smiled. And in Beijing for many years, the people of Sichuan Xia said, "or my husband found the news, for my name. Usually like Baidu Nuomi’s activities, I did not expect this year when a hero."