food and beverage industry is the many pioneering projects in the low entry threshold, an industry investment risk is relatively small, because of the professional knowledge is not high, so the catering industry has become entrepreneurs push into the industry. But the food and beverage business is not blind investment, but to take into account the actual situation can be a good grasp of market share.

for small entrepreneurs, what small business income? Some small restaurants as long as the right way, business is booming. Get rich soon. For example, breakfast shop, snack bar, drink bar, although a few dollars a bowl of noodles with smaller profit margins compared with one hundred yuan meal, but due to go the civilian route, close to people’s life and consumption level, so it has a broad mass base, a large market space.

small catering market contains a lot of business opportunities, the first accurate positioning is a prerequisite. Food and beverage industry is one of the most competitive industries, entrepreneurs should grasp the principle of dislocation competition, to seek operating characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to identify the service object, and according to the consumption habits, tastes, preferences and other characteristics of the service object, targeted to design a variety of food, dining environment layout, thereby establishing operating characteristics. In addition, the market positioning should be dynamic, according to market changes in a timely manner to adjust, continue to introduce new models, new varieties, new services, new features.

site selection plays a special role in restaurant business. The size of the store, the location, the way and the cost of the direct impact on the target market, promotion strategy, commodity composition, etc.. Generally speaking, restaurants should be selected in the shopping center, downtown, business office area, large residential consumption concentration area, and the bus station, subway station and the subway is also a good choice.

catering business needs a very good marketing art, the best idea into a gimmick, as far as possible, no one I have, I have refined". From this year’s food and beverage market situation, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the characteristics of small restaurants, leisure food, snacks, etc.. One of the characteristics of small catering business opportunities, especially the "Earth" dishes and local snacks, often blindly soil dishes or a local snack can do a shop wang.

the customer is always God, especially some old customers, they can bring a good reputation, and have a "snowball effect", the restaurant business bigger and bigger. Therefore, to provide customers with quality services, such as the provision of takeout and booking services, extended business hours, etc., can attract some old customers.

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