cold drinks shop is now everyone likes to invest in the project, such a store opened, of course, need to choose a good address. Cold drink shop location for the store’s profit is a direct impact, we must consider the cold drink shop location, must have the most detailed investigation. Cold drink shop location, roughly the following rules to follow, we have a look at it!

cold drink shop location: downtown and Commercial Street

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! But the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason to make many friends away. However, the high rent shop usually can bring huge benefits. You can look at the KFC and McDonald’s, it always appears in the region’s most prosperous place, this is an important reason for the success of its open house (their failure rate is 2%)! If you want to shop, strongly recommend you to shop before Ming Hua learning, we have a knowledge class, business shop class management knowledge will allow you to quickly improve the ability to shop at the helm in the short term, effectively avoid some risks blindly shop. Low rent, relatively remote store is not necessarily bad, as long as necessary to do the necessary publicity and often organized new promotional activities, but also have a good return on benefits.

cold drink shop location: campus

population is concentrated, and the consumption habits of students in a close, although not much, but they love themselves, fashion, generous, generous, they especially love cold drinks and sweets, their money earned


cold drink shop location: Industrial Zone

pavement rent is not high, in order to low – grade product sales – oriented, stable passenger flow, mainly factory workers and other low – wage workers. In this shop selling price to low, to create a casual atmosphere.

cold drink shop location: Community (residential area)

is almost fixed consumer groups, consumption is relatively stable, the market potential is very large, the risk is small, can repeat business.

cold drink shop location: Township blocks

Compared to

, the level of consumption is low, but the aggregation of commercial outlets is relatively small, it is easy to enter.

in general, the store location is a very critical step, cold drink shop location to do a good job, to do a comprehensive market research. Cold store location refer to the above several can choose the right location.

above is about how to open a cold drink shop site selection, I hope we can provide some suggestions. >