now is not the era of collage education, college students employment pressure, entrepreneurship has become a choice for many people. As an ordinary female college students, she had no choice but to sell the newspaper, from scratch to do the 15 newsstand boss, the net worth of millions of dollars, we look at how she is successful.

candidates failed to sell newspapers

2001 in May, Liu Hailing traveled to Guangzhou, found on the streets of Guangzhou newsstand newspaper variety is quite rich, than the Anyang newspapers market more than dozens of newspapers, some newsstand management in more than 200. Your own business can do what, really don’t know, a look surprised, compared to newspapers and retail market in Guangzhou, the Anyang newspaper market is really quiet poor, because of Anyang’s newspapers, only the post office a monopoly business, leading newspaper kiosks often blocked, selling magazines only 10 kinds of. In Guangzhou, there are dozens of.

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