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Zheng Xuebing because the mood is not very good, then people go to Aunt home, want to stay for a few days, let yourself relax. Just a new aunt just renovated, when Zheng Xuebing walked into the new house, was soon hung in the living room wall drawing a cartoon attracted. I saw the cartoon characters exaggerated, humorous, colorful screen, three-dimensional sense of strong. Zheng Xuebing quickly to aunt asked about the picture. Aunt told him that this cartoon is made of a new type of PVC material, is still rare. After thinking for a moment, Zheng Xuebing suddenly came inspiration: now the children all day and cartoons and cartoons as partners, and even some adults also talked about in the cartoon, many lovable cartoon character is on the market with the cartoon as everyone knows, promotional products are also bibi. Therefore, the cartoon is not only a good way, but also can express their elegant leisure, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.