market intensifies, so more and more people involved in the market, in the sea, with more and more people unemployed, laid-off entrepreneurship has become a new trend, has become a new trend! Below, let us walk into the laid-off women entrepreneurs story!


entrepreneurship is the dream of all people, can be put into action and the dream come true, there are many people! Among many more people because of an accidental idea "involuntarily" step forward, creating tens of millions or even billions! Today, we tell you about the story of a laid-off workers

now the barbecue market business is hot, around the barbecue, gathered in a popular majority of consumers and favor, but also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs and investment horizon, various brands of barbecue have entered the market, including Guaiwei barbecue shop, attracted customers love.


she thought, also bought a lot of food on the books to seriously study, constantly studying seasoning technology, improved seasoning formula, bold in practice, repeated tests, finally successfully summed up a set of special technology — besmell smell of barbecue, using Chinese herbal medicine licorice powder, spices, star anise, back row grass 30 a variety of seasoning formula, at a certain temperature of pickled mutton string, then put on baking.



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, Xiaobian for you to take off the laid-off workers Li Dongmei entrepreneurial story, I hope to find a project for your business, looking for opportunities to bring a little help, take a little support, take more good opportunity!