with the development of innovation and Entrepreneurship Economy, innovation will be placed around the development plan. Zhengzhou City, Xinmi, the leaders of the recent investigation of the local industrial economy, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction.

2 16, Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, United Front Work minister Wang Yuehua, vice mayor of to investigate the industrial economy of Xinmi, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction work. Vice mayor Qi Zhihui accompanied by research.

in the industrial cluster innovation complex project base, Wang Yuehua for a detailed understanding of the development of leading industry, Xinmi industrial upgrading, technological innovation, and seriously listen to the relevant person in charge of the case report. After listening to the report, Wang Yuehua and his party on the Xinmi industrial economy, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction work fully affirmed.

2015, Xinmi City, around the steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting transformation of the main line, continuing to enhance innovation capability, actively change the mode of development, firmly establish the overall sense of service, and more initiatives to boost industrial restructuring and upgrading, the overall trend of the city’s industrial economic operation is good.

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