talk about "man" this brand, many people may be its loyal customers. Indeed, in many women’s brand stereotyped, Yan man by virtue of its unique product design, coupled with high-quality material, for consumers to create a more comfortable fashion wearing experience, thus more sought after by the market. However, in the above Taobao has a high degree of popularity of the man, and now began to open online store, but also open a lot of. So, why is that?

2014, a fashion show Oriental TV "goddess’s new clothes" broadcast show designer clothes within the specified time, and then get the program live shows, and let the buyer to decide whether to buy through the auction. Sit in the "golden master" on the position of Fang Jianhua with the funny speech style into the audience’s vision, he led the clothing brand "Yin" lavish, occasionally shout out the most expensive.

this file draws on fashion, media and retailers of television programs in the eyes of Fang Jianhua is an important transition in the brand transformation. Prior to this, the main cotton dress "Yin exists only a handful of people in the mouth. Fang Jianhua said his customers are mostly living with some experience in women, advocating unassuming and elegant style, an affordable price.

more importantly, they are a group of Taobao users. Now we discuss the traditional hot in clothing brand "how to compete for business resources or whether the electricity supplier will hurt the brand image" and other issues, Yin man do not have this concern: before 2015, Yan man is a pure Internet brand, only electricity supplier channels.

but this format has to change this year.

2015 began in July, Yin man opened his first direct store. In April this year at the beginning of the 2016 Chinese fashion forum, Fang Jianhua started as a business clothing brand representative, stressed their "1000 city shops" plan in his speech: he will direct and join the thousands of stores in the open way, in 5 years, this figure there may be tens of thousands of.

in many people’s eyes, this plan is dangerous and aggressive. Amoy brand stationed in the line, the risk is not small. Cheng Weixiong, general manager of Shanghai habitat Brand Management Co., Ltd., said in an interview: the problem is to wash the brand line under the channel is the inertia of online thinking, conversion is a problem. Store to support the store rent, labor costs, etc., it is difficult to achieve profitability."

besides, it’s going to be so much.

was born in 2007. 1998 started in Guangdong, Fang Jianhua, after 9 years of foreign trade foundry finally encountered the bottleneck of macroeconomic trends. That year, foreign students