many times you can rely on social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better now, want to have a lot of entrepreneurial approach. In the face of such a good entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial dream of people, it is necessary to act immediately.

he through the case, tells the story of the early start how to survive the storm, sharing the ancients in the book include the enterprising spirit, the three factors most needed and entrepreneurs: team spirit, risk awareness, understand the occasion. We also shared their own way to go through the ups and downs in the road, to provide a lot of valuable experience for each other.

organiser and star maxspace Bullock responsible person told the reporter, 2015 is all the entrepreneurs of the year, from the central to the local government in promoting the public business, and the Internet business is in a golden opportunity. In this wave, there will be a number of impressive excellent start-up companies, there are many amazing cases and opportunities. The purpose of this venture will be to create a private entrepreneurial experience sharing community.

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