in our life with the development of the economy, the electronic industry in the market is booming, in order to further promote the development of the electronics industry, Henan E-sports Association opened. December 5th, the central E-sports ecological industry development forum held in Zhengzhou. Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi and other provinces of electronic competition relevant person in charge of the project, the enterprise and the Tencent, the aerial technology and Beijing were invited to attend the forum gaming era. Zhai Lin, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Electronic Sports Association, introduced the development of Henan e-sports.

2004 years, Henan established the first national E-sports Sports Association, and implemented a series of measures to promote the development of E-sports; and the use of national policies on Sports private non enterprise, the first in Henan province guided the establishment of the electronic athletics club, has attracted great attention in the whole country in the industry.

Zhai Lin, Deputy Secretary General of the Electronic Sports Association of Henan Province, said

, the future will be the United States around the e-sports project to developers, operators set up an expert committee. Zhai Lin, Deputy Secretary General of the association of electronic sports in Henan, said the future will be the United States around the e-sports project to developers, operators set up an expert committee.

up to now, many of the country’s excellent club coaches, managers, practitioners mostly from Henan. In 2015, the e-sports Association Yuezhan. Gaming platform opened in Henan Province electronic athletics Champions League, covering the province’s 18 cities, the success of the whole industry in government departments, industry associations, operators, service providers, clubs, players and fans together, forming a perfect game system.

for the next development of Henan gaming industry, Zhai Lin talked about their own views. Zhai Lin believes that the next major force in the construction of the four systems. First, we must unite all aspects of the whole industry chain, including government departments, operating companies, enthusiasts, etc., do a good job in the construction of the local association system. The two is the rapid development of the gaming industry, talent demand is huge, to do a good job of referees, coaches, managers, gaming operators, game developers and other training work. The three is to do the bottom players training, transportation and other work, improve the construction of the tournament system. Four is to strengthen the research, the implementation of a series of venues, base standards and certification to promote the construction of the venue system.

forum in Henan and intermittent, and the participants of the Gaming Club representative in the exchange process, although we recognized Henan gaming gaming market potential, rich soil, but the investment in the gaming industry, and did not receive more capital in favor of. Henan and the interview with this question.

"we would like to invite all the parties to the conference, such as the representative of the investment fund, such as Jade Bird fund, we hope to be able to recommend this meeting