material standard of living has improved, in the life of people for their clothes are more attention, wearing fashionable taste is the same choice. On the evening of 11, Xiamen International Fashion Week supporting activities Sheguang Hu & Xi Fu "goddess of night" fashion party held in Xiamen paragon hotel. Xiamen International Men’s week, held fashion goddess party, attracted numerous participants, for the details of the event, we look at the following.

It is reported that

, the star studded visual feast by internationally renowned designer Hu Sheguang to join the international dream master, Jubilee Fu founder Huang Anyan and many other top domestic master together to create, for the Xiamen International Men’s Zhou Zengtian a thick and heavy in colours.

Xiamen international fashion week, held fashion goddess, a lot of beautiful appearance, here you can not only gain more fashion style, but also feel the atmosphere are struck, let you dress in the monasteries on a more level. Party night, Hu Sheguang held a "world" 2017 spring and summer series of fashion show at the party. Huang Anyan said, is committed to providing a platform for the design of the image of the beauty of the people, leading and advocating people to open a new way of life, and this event to the image design on a new height.

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