marriage is a very solemn and sacred moment, and although the times are changing, but the emphasis on the wedding has increased, a wedding company believe that not only can let oneself to witness the happy moment, but also for investors to earn money!

wedding as an emerging industry in the country has reached a degree of popular. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, in recent years, such as the wedding company emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In particular, the establishment of the Shanghai Wedding Association, officially advertised the wedding industry is moving towards the direction of specialization, standardization.

gradually formed a high-profile wedding industry chain, with huge potential business opportunities. In the process of rapid development of wedding industry, enterprises pay more and more attention to the brand and service scale, high service level of the wedding is also increasing, the whole industry in order to meet the contemporary youth, fashion, personalized, diversified service demand and efforts to the pursuit of romance, the wedding industry is a big industry chain gradually formed.

2010 marriage registration in Shanghai, there are 117825 pairs of new couples, if each pair of new wedding photography in accordance with the calculation of the amount of $2000, the annual production value of Shanghai wedding photography is 200 million. With the arrival of 2011 married Wang, wedding consumption will usher in a new round of the peak.

The vigorous development of