spicy emperor is still spicy pot restaurant franchisee can get the full support of the headquarters, the headquarters of the support, you can easily profit. It is precisely because of this business secret, so many businesses can quickly be successful. Join the headquarters to provide high popularity brand, successfully attract your attention.

huang shang spicy spicy pot project headquarters will spicy hot pot cuisine and Tujia ancestral secret recipe and modern biological nutrition medicinal material as the basis, adding a variety of rare medicinal herbs, the development characteristics of Sichuan region Wujue incense pot. A spicy hot pot shop what secret? Spicy Huangshang original one dish to eat two, increased eating fun, but also expand the profit point, exclusive cold pot series and Hot pot series so that businesses throughout the off-season, advanced technology three minutes out of every meal, to ensure the hot Huangshang store customers without waiting over Taiwan Super high rate, earn profit doubled.

what are the secrets of the hot pot restaurant? There is a spicy emperor is still enough, because you have the headquarters to support the spicy emperor!

technical support

free technical training manuals, technical operation training, project training, real shop stores, stores drill appraisal; has a strong R & D team, regularly update the product line for you to continue to market new products, business time.

construction support

site selection guide, site evaluation services guide, the overall VI store design, store decoration guidance, decoration design drawings.

operational support

product promotion manual, personnel recruitment and training manual, clerk etiquette training guide, a full set of operational training CD-ROM, shop promotion program.

risk control

emergency explanation, uniform quality standards manual, operation expert tracking service, free food, free training refresher training refresher training.

spicy emperor is still hot pot restaurant is very popular with the market, with the headquarters of the store to help, success is easier. If you want to do a good job in investment management business then choose this project more secure. Small catering project support policies in place, help you get a good fortune.

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