abalone rice joined the brand in the vast number of investors are also more inclined to choose the whole abalone abalone abalone this brand, brand strength, integration of business models, speed up operational efficiency. Dongheng Sheng International Catering Management National Bao three abalone juice rice belongs (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive catering institutions, the total assets of the strength, with a complete industrial chain. Dongheng Sheng restaurant group, founded in 1999, currently employs more than and 500 people, more than 2 thousand square meters of the central operations center, training base of more than 5 thousand square meters, nearly 50 thousand acres of breeding base, direct cooperation and more than 1 thousand stores, more than 5 thousand successful entrepreneurs.

so good to join the brand investment bag how much money?

three universal abalone juice rice abalone belonging to Easthigh group by Sheng Sheng, Easthigh International Catering Management (Beijing) Limited company brand management. The Bao created a new class of fast food material field — three abalone juice meal, by virtue of the unique product advantages, excellent products experience, fashionable dining environment, a simple business model to become the rapid rise of the hot food for. So how much is the cost of all the people Bao Bao


universal abalone material costs are as follows:

fashion business shop (30 m below)

advantage analysis: regular fast food stores, low threshold, fast shop.

recommended values: community, market, office buildings and other

investment amount: 30 thousand -5 million (excluding rent and decoration)

fine standard store (30 m -80 m)

advantage analysis: with a certain financial strength, and can find the right store, spend too much, but can quickly gather popularity

recommended values: schools, shopping malls, stations, airports and other places more popular

investment amount: 50 thousand -8 million (excluding rent and decoration)

luxury boutique store (80 square meters -120 square meters)

advantage analysis: financial strength is good, there is a suitable store, as a career to do, the return cycle is short.

recommended shopping area: the main commercial street, pedestrian street, business office, upscale community.

investment amount: 80 thousand -10 million (excluding rent and decoration)


composite shop (120 m above)