entrepreneurship, has been the choice of many young friends to success. Girls nowadays more and more entrepreneurs, especially the younger generation, then the girl start to do what is good? The girl should go the road of entrepreneurship? Following small for you an ordinary girl 80 resignation entrepreneurial story, tell you what to do good business girl


however, one called "clothing concept" shop business is very prosperous. More than 10 square meters of shops were crowded with young girls in the streams of people busily coming and going, too busy to attend to all is a people in front of a bright young girl. Li Jia is the boss here, but also the other five stores in Shanghai operators.

2000, Li Jia and many white-collar workers in the office, nine to five. In the vicinity of Jingan Temple to work for her, a subway line two on the way to an encounter, opened her other lifestyle Title page.

"in the middle of the Henan station, I saw a small shop facing operational difficulties, is in the process of transfer. Although no one home business, but I am very interested in the shop, decided to ask the situation and then make a decision." Say it small, worthy of the name. Because it is only 3.6 square meters.

start at the beginning, the limited funds is inevitable. In addition to the rent, Li Jia will spend all of the money to buy clothes from the wholesale market, where other provinces can save. No money to decorate, she found a stack of English newspapers, DIY, paste all the walls. All the upfront investment but ten thousand yuan.

to start a business, means the beginning of a hard life. Li Jia did not quit his job, every morning to get up at five in the wholesale market to buy, hang up after the shop to pay attention to the aunt; after the afternoon of five, aunt off, the end of the work of the re appointment of Li Jia.