with the development of the times, each industry has emerged unprecedented new business opportunities and new directions. The new model to subvert the tradition, the impact of new products life, new ideas to drive the nerve, innovation has become the basis for the survival of Internet companies.

2012, China’s education industry IT investment reached 43 billion 910 million yuan, an increase of 20.9%, China’s education information market is growing rapidly. Taobao’s data show that in 2012 Taobao education sales reached 330 million yuan, of which the teaching materials are complementary, and the other is the sale of courses in the other 200 million.

2013, the total number of mobile Internet smart terminal equipment held by Chinese national first United States, as the world has the most mobile internet terminal equipment state. The vast number of smart phones and tablet PCs using customer groups, frequent use of APP, so that China has become a huge hotbed of APP application development market.