good life we need to create their own, to make life more beautiful, people for the textile requirement is very high, the textile shop business, do the windows display is the key, it can not only affect the store’s business, but also affect the market share, so in front of the shop, need to do the windows display work. So, for the first time entrepreneurs, how to display the window? What principles should be followed? Today, Xiao Bian to many favorite home textiles, for example, for details.

first, first consider the customer’s line of sight. It is reported that people best vision height is about 120 cm, therefore, in consideration of the bedding shop window display, the display of bedding often should remain the same height and view of the customer. More popular textile shop window display completely starting from the customer, the customer into sight, do when season theme display, timely seasonal selling and promotion bedding arranged in the most eye-catching position, but also can improve the effect of the store sales.

second, windows and stores form a whole. Window for home textiles and clothing retail store is the face of the people, is the first image of the brand. How to dress up the face, is the first step of the whole brand awareness. More like home textile shop display from the brand’s own fashion characteristics, taking into account the customer’s first sight, the window layout was outstanding theme, just right, impressive.

fashion window display through the bed, people love the brand has a better first impression, and then be attracted into the store consumption. Favorite home textile window display is generally the season’s flagship product and event information, a variety of interesting scenarios can be set up to enhance the customer’s impression of bed products, thus detonated sales.

third, and marketing activities within the store echoes. More than a month at home to promote the introduction of a promotional activities, in view of these marketing activities, will develop a corresponding display manual, to ensure that each shop can make a high degree of fit with the marketing activities of the bed display. A series of promotional activities, of course, can receive greater results.

fourth, the theme is concise and clear, style prominent. In general, the window display should be clear, concise, and it is not appropriate to choose dark and high-grade bed products to do the theme window. Relatively speaking, more popular textile with simple style bed bright LED, that is an external manifestation, brand image and consumer needs of the heart and also more likely to deepen the consumer to the more popular fashion textile brand awareness, stimulate consumers deep sensory and emotional needs.

no matter what the industry, want a better business, in many ways, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the window, a direct impact on the store’s business, it is clear how the window display is the key. More popular textile and other textile brand window display, it is good at the window as a paper, color is recommended