to achieve the ultimate entrepreneurial technology industry, the market’s sensitivity, familiarity with technology is indispensable. Every year, countless entrepreneurs, but the top of the hand may be a few numbers. Fudan University, several entrepreneurs did not blindly choose the direction of entrepreneurship, but in their own expertise in the field of expertise to open up a new world.

"nationwide, the number of Fudan entrepreneurs is not much, but each one from Fudan out of entrepreneurs are very extreme." Chen Liming, a professor of chemistry at the Fudan University, is pursuing his Ph. D., and as an entrepreneur, he has come across a lot of entrepreneurial alumni. In October 19th, during the double week "venture in Wujiaochang" and the new venture will show the public (Fudan special) the scene, the reporter saw a lot of Chen Liming and the same ultimate entrepreneurs.

found in clinical practice to solve the problem, in the study, the research results are applied to the clinical. In order to solve this problem, Zhou Feng read a lot of history data, and also on the Chen Liming cooperation crossover study of medical materials, two people together to complete the screening of embolic agent material mass, after two years, "because the sample size and the limited time, but also need to improve the standard and strict at the conclusion of the study. On this basis, the research will be able to enter the next phase of the." Still in the learning stage of Zhou Feng’s own planning is very clear, I want to do application-oriented research."

in the fourteenth "Challenge Cup" national university student extracurricular academic contest Shanghai division, the results of the study have won the first prize.