life, there are often a lot of husband and wife together entrepreneurship. Are generally open a small shop or get a snack stalls, as long as willing to endure hardship, basically will go to a good income. And now environmental entrepreneurship to win a lot of people’s attention, today’s Article 80 after the couple’s environmental entrepreneurship harvest rich wealth.

"this process seems very simple, but if the operation must grasp skilled operation technology, or a charcoal do not come out, my husband and I also passed through thousands of experiments before success." Liu Daoying said on the text looks. At this time, Han Junwu said that the country is now in the prohibition of the use of the original charcoal, the prospect of environmental protection mechanism charcoal and his wife is particularly optimistic about, this is the belief that they have been supported.

in the interview, understand that at the age of 18 Han Junwu began to do household appliance maintenance in Electronic City, because there is a particularly good craft, many customers are very willing to find him to repair appliances. After 5 years of home appliance repair, Han Junwu began to feel tired of this job, he intends to start their own business. A chance, he saw a TV broadcast on the mechanism of environmental protection charcoal, which made him interested.

plus home in Lantian has a lot of wood processing plants, who abandoned the sawdust is just raw materials for making charcoal. After consulting and thinking, he took his wife back home began a difficult business. Fortunately, all the relatives and friends have been supported. Encountered technical problems, and Han Junwu drove to the field humbly consult experts, it is no exaggeration to say that for a long time he has become a half charcoal experts.


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