10 14 -15 June, the Alibaba held 2015 Yunxi conference in Hangzhou, Ma Yun made a speech at the meeting, he encouraged entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity, in today’s business environment and financing status than he had when starting a company is much better.

in the keynote speech, Ma talked about BAT and the current entrepreneurial opportunities, "in the past few years I see most of the words is BAT to China all innovation, creativity and Entrepreneurship of the big chance removed, reminds me of twenty years ago, I blame Bill · Gates, I blame IBM, I think these companies took our chances." But in fact, over the past twenty years, there are still countless entrepreneurs.

"I tell you, not the village landlord died, farmers will be rich." Ma Yun said that the three mountains or the seven mountains or BAT will still continue to develop, "but you have the chance to win, because today’s entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial today all the infrastructure financing, the state is much better than fifteen years ago."

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