a shop if you want to create a higher income, no doubt need to sell more goods. The transaction volume is high, and the type of goods in the store is actually a great relationship. So, if you want a higher store revenue, but also need a variety of operations, so that the store will be higher profits.

my shop is located in the business district, there is no large residential areas, is a high consumer groups category. So, in the shop at the beginning, we are in the form of positioning tobacco stores, supplemented by sales of milk beverage, what daily necessaries are shut shop.

does not take over the business daily necessaries, and will have a free, not like the department store that busy. However, more and more customers will ask: "why not bring snacks such as food? That way, when we go to work, we can buy something to eat."

suspicious is where the Digital City store staff, they basically belong to the station shop salesman, do not like to sit in the office staff so strict, so can make such a request.

at first, in order to maintain the image of the store, I have not added any snacks, so they are always happy and disappointed. For a long time, I found that some customers are often more direct than the door, it is because they can not meet their requirements and choose another home?

thoughtful, if blindly pursue pure will cause the loss of customers, we need to reconsider the market demand. Then, discuss with husband in the store after the placement of two display, purchased some melon seeds, plum, biscuits, potato chips and other snacks.

although I shop where the area is not large residential group, but there are still some shopkeepers in the shop, so he should be required to purchase detergent, disinfectant liquid, mosquito repellent, toothbrush toothpaste towel, toilet paper, daily necessities, so everyone, when it is not convenient for the convenience, but I also live in itself the store, and to create a convenient.

gradually, the popularity of the store up. Because the number of each kind of goods is not very much, I can flexibly add or no purchase according to the needs of customers, to meet the needs of customers. Now, a large part of this part of the revenue income has occupied the storefront.

these small things, although it is not much profit, but also very cumbersome to operate, but it can keep customers. Back to think about, if they insist on their own stubborn concept, ignoring the requirements of consumer groups, is bound to cause the loss of customers, it is difficult to earn a return to the head. Diversified business, a number of benefits, is the fundamental interests.