is now around the business exchange activities of the frequency or very frequent, at the same time, in the process of communication, it also brings a lot of new business opportunities and entrepreneurial projects, 20 MIT entrepreneurship project came to Binjiang today.

MIT-CHIEF, former chairman Ding Yi said: "in August 20th, there will be 20 projects roadshow in Hangzhou city Binjiang District sea base, the scene display and share cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial projects."

MIT-CHIEF was founded in 2011, is committed to building a bridge of communication and cooperation between domestic financial capital and projects in the United States, entrepreneurial team. At present, China has successfully held the four China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and business plan competition, becoming the most influential u.s.. 10 projects have been successfully settled in china.


the technique of quantum television manufacturing company PolyQolor from the patent is undoubtedly the most popular. Compared with competitors, PolyQolor can control the cost of quantum dots in the existing products of 10%, and in the manufacturing process using more environmentally friendly technology. At present, the company’s investment in the seed wheel by Foxconn collar cast, used to complete the simplest viable products. The A round of financing will be used to complete the first line of production, production capacity is expected to supply 3 million units 55 – 65 inches LCD tv.

19 other projects and the people’s livelihood.

For example,

MIT materials engineering Bohou thunderstorm brings is installed in a common water automatic urine detector inside the toilet, can measure urine protein, urine, urine, etc..

tomorrow, the project core team will gather in Hangzhou City, Binjiang District sea base, the scene display and share their business projects. Organizers also arranged for the participants to the full time, so that it can be interested in the project and the entrepreneurial team face to face communication.

In fact,


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