college students’ entrepreneurship has become a trend, many students entrepreneurs face the pressure of employment, choose their own businesses, Xiaobian today will introduce a 28 year old university graduates successful entrepreneurial path, hoping to inspire people are entrepreneurs, help people better business.

About 100000 dollars

farmyard "Diplomat"

in May 1st last year, officially opened the farmhouse. Because people know less, business is not warm. Since the beginning, it is necessary to do a good job, the light is not enough to sell online, to come up with a better mode of operation. Liu Yuan dark determination. A student from a university town played basketball games to her farmhouse for dinner, which inspired Liu Yuan. University City and the village across the river, why not develop this field. Well, Liu Yuan take the initiative to find several university city university student association president promised to negotiate, if students birthday, engage in activities to dine here to give a series of preferential, here is not convenient, is also responsible for the car to pick up car. Slowly, the students love the Liu Yuan home dishes, love the tranquil village scenery, love the most romantic in grape corridor walking.