now the country in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial, have held a lot of business competition, especially in a series of business competition activities, some young entrepreneurs launched recently in Beijing’s capital, Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition was officially launched.

2015 "CITIC Guoan record held in Beijing guest capital Cup" Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition news conference the day before. It is reported that in 2015, CITIC Guoan hit off the cup "capital of Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by the Communist Youth League Committee of Beijing City, the Beijing Internet Information Office, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing economic and Information Technology Commission, Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, CITIC Guoan Investment Limited 8 units jointly organized by the Beijing youth entrepreneurship development association and the Beijing youth employment fund specifically, the Communist Youth League Tianjin Committee, Youth Committee of Hebei Province as a support unit to participate in the contest. The contest theme is "innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence, create the future".

competition goal is: Centering on "four overall" strategic layout and the capital of the overall situation of reform and development, based on the capital development in the new stage and new requirements, and actively play a leading role in the capital, to build a platform for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a whole society to encourage and support a good atmosphere of the new youth entrepreneurship, innovation into the driving force for the grand the goal of harmonious building a world-class livable are, realize the collaborative development of Beijing Tianjin hebei.

the contest will show in the contemporary capital youth style to the society at the same time, also help young entrepreneurs more comprehensive learning entrepreneurs should possess the knowledge and skills, to further clarify the direction of entrepreneurship, improve entrepreneurial skills, to create a business atmosphere, will bring more young entrepreneurs to join the practice. To participate in the capital Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the participants will be on this stage to demonstrate their ability and talent, the journey from here. As an entrepreneur, courage and perseverance required is immeasurable, choice of youth entrepreneurship is endowed with an extraordinary life experience, this innovative, entrepreneurial spirit is worth learning the majority of young people.

the capital held a business competition that is for the purpose of more young entrepreneurs can actively participate in this activity, further stimulate some of their entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promote the whole social entrepreneurship.


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