only to find the cause of failure, in order to grasp the success of the next opportunity. "When we started the coffee shop, we didn’t have a clear plan, just for the sake of the common interests and the campus complex." 3 years after graduation, Zhang Tianlong and his classmates, Meng Qingji, and the University of, opened a coffee shop near the campus.

3 individuals have no entrepreneurial experience, after the shop full of state. Because the store layout design is not reasonable enough, a lot of space has not been used in the opening fifth months, the coffee shop had to close the renovation. At that time, the coffee shop has been operating at a loss state, the investment has nearly 400 thousand yuan. Meng Qingji was released on the Internet news hiring a full-time clerk, the clerk can bring in a few days after Meng Qingji to borrow a few hundred dollars they have not come back to work. In the middle of 2011, in order to make the coffee shop more professional, the store out of the cost of a clerk to Beijing for professional learning, after the completion of the clerk in the coffee shop for a few months, but also left. Meng Qingji emotion: "want to find a coffee culture, and can work for a long time reliable clerk, it is very difficult."