just graduated college students when entrepreneurial activities is a good financing scheme is very important, because there are a lot of students in the beginning will often encounter some financial problems now, so to learn the means of financing.

a green hand of the students in the first venture on the road in addition to facing the problem of social experience, management ability and so on, often into errors in terms of venture capital financing, eventually make their own efforts fail on the verge of success. The current financing errors mainly in the following three aspects:

1. before formulating financing scheme to accurately assess the tangible and intangible assets of their own value, do not improperly belittle oneself, underestimate the value of their own. NetEase after many rounds of financing and listing, currently Ding Lei also owns more than 60% shares, this shows that Ding Lei in the process of each round of financing with a small amount of shares reached their target, is an example of our study.

2. financing process to do a good job of financing options. Although the domestic financing channels is not very perfect, but more, mainly: (1) joint venture, cooperation and foreign financing channels; (2) loans to banks and financial institutions; (3) government loans; (4) the risk of investment; (5) the issuance of bonds; (6) (stock issuance; 7) the transfer of management rights; (8) BOT financing. Multi channel comparison and selection can effectively reduce financing costs and improve efficiency. There are two types of funds that can be obtained through the above methods: capital and debt. Debt capital (such as bank loans, etc.) will not dilute the equity of entrepreneurs, and can effectively share the investment risk of entrepreneurs, recommend the use of priority.

3. if the way to sell equity financing, investors must make a good choice. Only with their own recommendation