no matter what kind of project, operators in the business, the need to understand the market, only the correct understanding of the market, in order to be more conducive to entrepreneurship. Therefore, for any entrepreneur on the market, from this point of view, then this project is possible in the severe market development.

bedding chain changed to Home Furnishing style garden. In recent years, in the home soft decoration, especially on the home fabric style, pastoral style is particularly popular. In bed products, the general pastoral style fresh and bright colors, giving people a fresh feeling.

colors on the bed materials consisting mainly of natural floral patterns, colors including red, yellow, green, purple, and a variety of small floral embellishment. Pastoral style advocate "return to nature", in color and style to strive for the performance of leisurely, comfortable, natural pastoral life. It is understood that this year’s trend, there has been a large number of beds with pastoral style. These rustic style bed products to jacquard based, bright colors. Accompanied by the footsteps of spring, this style is very suitable for this vibrant season, the room looks stylish, warm, comfortable.

bedding chain simple and elegant style, brought a modern minimalist lifestyle buy bedding mainly dominated by women, natural bedding in terms of color, style, decoration, have shown women’s gentle and charming appearance and personality. But with the European minimalist thinking, now in the bedding is also a gradual rise in neutral and trend.

in operation time, as long as it is right in line with the development of the market, so this project is a development in the severe market hill, is a good start. In fact, for the bedding chain of entrepreneurs, the full analysis of the status quo, digging out their own advantages, optimize the allocation of a variety of useful resources, strengths and weaknesses, will be able to get twice the result with half the effort.