is a brand product to long-term based on the market, and get better development, must have enough brand competitiveness is the fundamental production, ceramics market serious homogenization, resulting in another way the lack of comprehensive strength of the enterprise, which requires starting from the product development chain dealers interests, only to maintain the dealer’s "survival", ceramics enterprises and distributors in order to achieve a win-win.

There are many problems in the terminal channel construction of

ceramic enterprises

China’s ceramic industry in the past 20 years, most of the time is to take the path of traditional manufacturing, the factory is responsible for the production of ceramic tiles, but not directly involved in the sale. Although there are some factories and companies are also trying to establish channels through direct way, but the domestic market is so huge, which needs the financial resources, manpower, energy at the time it is difficult to imagine. Because of this, so the agency can become the mainstream of the tile industry.

for the ceramic enterprises, in fact, greatly reducing the cost of the construction of the plant business channels, making these enterprises to expand rapidly. But at the same time, on the one hand the enterprise channel management ability has not been a corresponding increase, the sales personnel in line with the lack of channel management awareness and ability, don’t even know how to stand in the height of the brand to operate. On the other hand, the lack of brand competition consciousness and determination of enterprise, just spend a lot of money, manpower, energy sink to more primitive product competition, thus the time for problems on the terminal channels.

ceramic enterprises to carry out the work of investment dealers need to focus on survival rate of

but in the end most of tile brand is actually brand, rather than consumer brands, these brands have entered thousands of households, in the past mainly rely on personal business ability of dealers. In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, companies are still stuck to join the agency system, the risk of channel expansion will be passed on to the dealer, which will undoubtedly make all the risk of channel terminals are tied to the dealer. Once the dealer crashed to leave, then the enterprise will eventually only taste the consequences.

therefore, in carrying out the investment work in tile enterprises only two roads: either give the dealer support, sharing the risk, and help the dealers to win the channel competition; or gradually abandon joined the agency, to direct or other channels. But no matter which path to choose, the enterprise ultimately can not bypass the requirements of the implementation of the channel terminal management capabilities, and at the end of the channel to accept all of the inspection.

is now a lot of brands in the development to a certain scale to the development of chain operation, for the ceramic enterprises who want to occupy more market share, we can not blindly pursue the form, while ignoring the survival rate for the enterprise to join the dealers, recommended