heard that the food and beverage market has been a popular food items are sought after, you do not want to know what kind of brand project? Perhaps that is suitable for your investment to join the brand.

Old Town Street, Chongqing, the initial seasoning to the whole, the taste is based on rich taste, suitable for young and old. In order to meet the taste of more people, the old man made a suitable for different groups of people with a free surface. In the course of time, his face formed its own characteristics, fresh and delicious, spicy soup mouth, so many people have a kind of "don’t eat small uncomfortable feeling. The old man with a lifelong love of small, so that the whole of Chongqing to know him, he certainly, but also to win the support of the franchisee.

old city street Chongqing noodles sought after delicious

now "old street Chongqing small noodles" one hundred years of history, as the old man was in front of the shop image, let people know the traditional brand back to see the street, as if ears wandering that long and affectionate cries. The old city street Chongqing authentic taste, eating fragrant refreshing, regardless of both men and women are loved, has become a popular pursuit of delicious, on the market has accumulated super reputation. Delicious nutrition high, secret ingredients cooked food, good taste!

The old city Chongqing small noodles taste

source in the mountain city of the most authentic, the taste of the old street from the free and easy walking to the bustling city change rapidly, remind people away deep homesickness. Trance, as if in the fog of the night, through the mist, vaguely see the distant street stalls in the dim light, hazy steam let a warm heart. The old city street Chongqing small noodles in the CCTV documentary highlights the delicacy, is not only the old and the plot, is in the hearts of thousands of customers.

Old Town Street Chongqing small noodles tradition of Chinese food culture, small but complete, can be described as "heaven and earth is held in the soup, hold together, very inclusive and move among force and soft. Simmer to boil the soup, just do a good job of fresh noodle, the secret sauce boiled spicy oil, as many as eighteen kinds of condiments, pick a clamping surface entrance, the fragrance to the throat, challenge your senses and spicy taste buds limit. The store cooking equipment is simple, only need to use the hot pot and cooking pot, less input, 90 seconds fast food, pay immediately take meal, without waiting, greatly improve the rate of over taiwan.

Old Town Street, Chongqing is looking forward to joining the franchisee, so that more people fall in love with Chongqing facet, fell in love with this authentic delicious. The old city street Chongqing noodles made out of good taste, high nutrition, can get the attention of modern healthy diners favorite. The region is currently featured in the promotion of delicious throughout the country, the old city street Chongqing prospects are still very good, investors need to rely on the strength of!

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