in the process of economic development, following the trend of the times, more and more Internet financial platform in life. So, the development of these platforms? The low survival rate of Guangzhou P2P net loan platform, most are put up the shutters. Accompanied by, it is an increasing number of funding strand breaks, platform foot, investment and so on, so that the general public palpitations.

For example,

on the end of the month, because of illegal fund-raising, P2P net loan platform online loan belongs to the Shenzhen Dingfeng online chairman Mou 4 people were arrested, according to police, the company from the public original principal of 109 million yuan, is now unable to return back. Guangzhou P2P net loan platform is a kind of scene? The current Nandu data one by one analysis.

Guangdong P2P majority in Shenzhen

2010 October, Guangzhou’s first P2P net loan platform Sheng Rong online on-line operation, compared to the first domestic P2P net loan platform pat loan, the establishment of the time for 3 years. Visible, the industry in Guangzhou is not an early start. After 5 years of development, as of the end of 2015, Guangzhou has been the normal operation of the P2P net loan platform, accounting for 12% of the total number of P2P net loan platform in province.

nationwide, the number of platforms ranked the top six cities are located in the economic development on the coastal areas (2014 also showed the same characteristics in Guangdong), the number of national P2P platform 476 normal operation of the top, but over seven of Chengdu in Shenzhen.

Guangzhou 58 P2P net loan platform is located near the Milky way in, followed by Yuexiu, accounting for 10%. Expert analysis, this is because the Milky way more developed economy, a higher degree of finance, high-grade office buildings, forming a P2P net loan platform of the distribution effect. The Zengcheng, Huadu and other regions are currently not favored by P2P net loan platform. But a major feature of the Internet banking is not subject to geographical restrictions to attract customers, other areas if the introduction of relevant policies to attract, will be able to promote the development of the region P2P net loan platform industry.

2015, the province’s P2P net loan platform turnover of 311 billion yuan, ranking first in the country, which accounted for Guangzhou’s turnover of the province’s total of 24%, reaching $74 billion 500 million yuan. 2012-2014, Guangzhou P2P net loan platform turnover growth rate of around 150% per year, turnover increased from 2012 to $1 billion 900 million in 2014 to $11 billion 800 million. 3 years to turn over the fold, and in 2015 the turnover growth is more rapid, compared to, in the past 1 years turned up to 6 times more than in 2014.

platform last year turnover of second

in the country in 2015 turnover ranking, widely recommended