What brand of

occupy in the snack potato flour industry’s market share is relatively large, in other words, the most popular consumer items, of which there are two brand is a Hudajie be on a par with that of potato powder. There is a potato powder. At present, potato powder industry professional, high visibility is Hudajie and sister and the potato powder, potato powder is a leading industry brand, famous brand. Headquartered in Henan Zhengzhou, then Hudajie and sister and the potato powder these two brands do?

Hudajie potato flour company has been operating for 21 years, there are 700 successful stores, Hudajie summed up a set of mature store operation management system and marketing system in china. Help franchisees copy.

Hudajie and energy-saving respectively, what are the advantages?

Hudajie potato powder join advantage:

1. has a strict protection range. Store protection. Ensure store market stability.

2. Hudajie potato powder do not need to operate a professional chef, is very simple, do not need too many employees.

The taste of

3. products is unique and its core competitiveness.

4. professional R & D team for product development. Help store products to keep customers fresh.

5. has a professional operation team, opening, late operations and holidays to help do the planning program.

6. free of charge based on the design of the shop decoration drawings (including renderings, construction drawings, circuit diagrams, etc.).

sister and the potato powder on the basis of traditional technology, combined with modern high-tech developed a "sister" special chili oil and soup ingredients and unique seasonings, the formation of siblings unique flavor characteristics, by the majority of customers praise, in the community formed a good reputation.

potato flour to join the strengths of both sides:

1, free site guidance and evaluation

sister professional team to assist franchisees for business assessment and market guidance to seek location. To judge the building, merchants, customers, evaluate its feasibility and success rate of the shop. According to the geographical area, the area, the crowd consumption characteristics and food culture, the market investigation and feasibility analysis.

2, unified decoration

in order to ensure a unified image of sister chain, siblings joined branches should be in strict accordance with the "benefit