shop location is always a very troubling question, of course, for this problem, because of the regional differences in different location is not the same, the following is only for Chengdu happy lemon shop to introduce this location problem.

Chengdu happy lemon have accurate market positioning, brand is the best trend to get rich quickly, a variety of fresh water, easy to collect back, 4~12 square meters can be opened to the headquarters to provide a range of support and guidance for the franchisee, Chengdu happy lemon strong R & D team for consumer health, natural, fresh and delicious, break the traditional business model innovation beverage shop business model, the off-season hot business, so how to join the Chengdu happy lemon location? Open is more likely to succeed in where? Please analysis looking for you to do.

Chengdu happy lemon shop location mainly look at three points:

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1. location: Commercial Street, shopping malls for the opening price in 15-25 yuan between beverage stores; supermarket, near the school, train station, subway station, for the opening price is in 5-15 yuan between beverage Shop gas station; bar, office building, the airport opened for the price of 50 yuan and above the beverage stores. Chengdu happy lemon join, low investment, low risk, a variety of shop mode, the price of the product is covered, color, aroma, taste, shape and taste, no health food can be added to the fire, the shop can make money!

2. divided by external factors: the store’s entrance is best close to the road, when the peak flow of 100 people / hour, traffic is the best for the 200 / h. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer yogurt, yogurt shop located in the vicinity to attract target customers. Chengdu happy lemon to join, small investment shop, 100% green healthy yogurt, without any chemical synthesis of food additives, it is one of the important reasons for the store hot, very suitable for women’s consumption, health and nutrition, eat not fat, female gospel


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3. store toward the front of the store is divided into: the best direction is toward the South and East, one day, the south of bright light, and light for the longest time, easy to attract customer attention; two is the majority of consumers when shopping habits towards the right (east side view). Chengdu happy lemon join how to choose the location of Chengdu happy lemon headquarters has a professional team, can provide customized custom drawings for franchisees, so that more attractive to join the club!

Chengdu is to join the industry preferred happy lemon water, has a strong R & D team exclusive products, products of professional technical guidance, production and marketing system and perfect the distribution of goods, enjoy discounts, increase profits, so that franchisees in store operators can get twice the result with half the effort and steady development, sustainable management. How to choose Chengdu happy lemon