in life because of China’s vast territory and abundant resources, each city not only the development situation is not the same, but the geographical climate also has the very big difference. Chinese New Year holiday, Xinjiang ski enthusiasts around the Yili gallop on the snow, enjoy the excitement and experience of ice and snow. The ice rink in Yining City, colorful square, skating enthusiasts or stoop sliding, or sideways, and feeling the movement to bring happiness to people, Mulati Buick · Ghulam J told reporters that his love skating very much, not only fitness and coordination exercise.

these days just leave and family come together: "we relax the weather in Xinjiang is especially suitable for skiing, ice skating, we Yili two years to make better hope that all the kids or adults or have to exercise, to participate in winter sports, such as skating, skiing, all aspects of the."

During the Spring Festival in

, Zhaosu County han-t’eng-ko-li ski ski resort is y open, not only has a 500 meter high towing cableway, two length of 384 meters of the "magic carpet", a variety of ski is also realized in Goods are available in all varieties., coverage of wireless WIFI came from the Turks County to Deng Chengshuo: "ski ski enthusiasts also more, we are very happy with the Spring Festival holiday play out, the pleasure of our body and mind, the Spring Festival is especially meaningful."

Xinyuan County Nalati ski crowds, a variety of fun and entertainment for the snow tickets discount activities have attracted many tourists come to visit ski enthusiasts, He Bin told reporters that the Nalati international ski resort with a high level of snow, more in line with their needs: "Yining City, the ski ski range, only the international ski. The field is the most consistent with our requirements, one side of the road, No. two road, senior Hill Road, we are more love, some snow more exciting."

life is a lot of people are skiing enthusiasts, want to enjoy the ice and snow style, not only to meet the needs of the three provinces in Northeast China, Xinjiang is also a good choice! Narat International Ski propaganda official Wang Ziyang told reporters that this year, the ski field not only built 1000 square meters of the tourist service center, but also provide services for ski enthusiasts, tourists, to meet the diverse needs of ski ski enthusiasts: "this year, we also built a new tourist service center and entertainment area, service area at the same time, leisure area, we still more than 300 sets of new skis, and more than and 100 new snow circle, the total capacity, now probably reached more than 1000 people at the same time skiing."

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