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the longest social memory ever recorded for a nonhuman animal,C. who was not involved in the research Yet she notes no one has succeeded in designing a test for this talent in the great apes—our closest kin—let alone in dolphins Dolphins use their signature whistles to stay in touch Each has its own unique whistle and they learn and can repeat the whistles of other dolphins A dolphin will answer when another dolphin mimics its whistle—just as we reply when someone calls our name The calls enable the marine mammals to communicate over long distances—which is necessary because they live in “fission-fusion” societies meaning that dolphins in one group split off to join other groups and later return By whistling they’re able to find each other again Scientists don’t know how long dolphins are separated in the wild but they do know the animals can live almost 50 years So how long do the dolphins remember the calls of their friends To find out Jason Bruck a cognitive ethologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois spent 5 years collecting 71 whistles from 43 dolphins at six captive facilities including Brookfield Zoo near Chicago and Dolphin Quest in Bermuda The six sites belong to a consortium that rotates the marine mammals for breeding and has decades-long records of which dolphins have lived together The dolphins ranged in age from 4 months to 47 years and included males and females Some of the animals had spent as little as 3 months together; others had been housed with each other for as long as 185 years before being separated and sent to another facility; and some had been apart for 205 years At each facility Bruck placed a submerged speaker in the dolphins’ pool and waited for one of the animals to swim past He then played a recording of a whistle that the dolphin had never heard before “They don’t pay much attention to signature whistles of dolphins they don’t know” he says But when he played the whistle of a dolphin they had once lived with the animals often swam immediately to the speaker “They will hover around it whistle at it seemingly try to get a response” he says Bruck also played recordings of an unfamiliar dolphin that was the same age and sex as the familiar animal—but these also did not elicit much of a response “It was a striking pattern” Bruck says “They were potentially bored by unfamiliar calls but responded to whistles from the animals they’d known” even if they had not heard the whistles in decades “It seemed to be stimulating to them In Bermuda a mother dolphin even brought her calf over to listen to the whistles of dolphins she’d known” Bruck says Sometimes the dolphins got upset slapping their tails in protest when Bruck removed the speaker from the pool; but they quickly settled down again after he put it back in the water In one case Bruck played the whistle of Allie a female dolphin at the Brookfield Zoo for Bailey a female in Bermuda They had lived together at the Dolphin Connection in the Florida Keys when Allie was 4 and Bailey was 2 Twenty years and 6 months had passed—yet Bailey instantly recognized Allie’s whistle Bruck says as evidenced by her close attentiveness to the speaker The dolphins often responded as if they were picturing their long-ago social pals Bruck reports online today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B For instance two younger dolphins Kai and DJ, The operation to hunt them has so far cost lives of two Army jawans and a constable.