car owners have to know how to decorate the car, in which the car seat is the decoration of many car owners are valued. And a lot of friends in the purchase of the car seat will have an overwhelming feeling, now the car seat is too much, because of inadequate knowledge of car seat brand, so do not know exactly which kind of car seat, then share with you today and is currently the ten largest car seat brand ranking list.

ten car seat brand list NO1- tiger Baer car seat

ranked first among the tiger Baer car seat this brand, it has always been in the first Taobao mall, the monthly sales of up to more than 7 thousand, so a car seat, for the majority of friends is still very good, and now doing activities after Zhibuding someday price, so the majority of riders to take hold of get, maybe after the village is not the store, hee hee! As for the disadvantages of the advantages of the cushion what, you can go to see, even if I want to write down here, you would have to go to the mall, so you can go and see, get free time someone said I cheated on the riders.

ten car seat brand list NO2- Royal car Bao car cushion

y deserve is the second largest car Royal car seat, which is based on human engineering, for the driver of the car seat has been tailored, in second Taobao mall, and this seat monthly sales is also very good, although not the first seat so unpopular, but the monthly sales still have four thousand or five thousand pieces. Of course, turnip cabbage, all have love, not so friends will choose this, you then forget see!

ten car seat brand list NO3- ride car cushion

is ranked third with the way the car seat, in which the material is silk, this summer will be the driver seat friends feel very comfortable, and now the car seat or mail bag, need friends can go in and see, the next is fourth.

ten car seat brand ranking NO4- Joe’s car seat

is ranked fourth in Joe’s car cushion, the cushion is used to make ice, the internal filler is coir fibers, hawthorn seed, magnet, cotton and so on, I believe we all know that the car seat materials depend on a driver’s health is influential, so the Taobao mall last month pin one thousand the car seat was ranked fourth, of course, these data are used for reference to our friends. We still choose their own car seat according to their actual situation to buy, do not blindly follow the trend.