art without borders, the nation is the world. There are all kinds of art in the world, such as the Ivan Seth bakery cake in the bakery industry.

sugar cake (FondantCakes) from the British Art cake, now is an American favorite cake decoration! Excellent ductility of fondant (Fondant) can create every kind of style, and fine features out of a perfect artistic form, y embodies the perfect personality There is nothing comparable to this, and the combination of art and therefore, become the mainstream of the cake decorating! Ivan Seth sugar cake with its exquisite luxury and fashion elements have a unique style, in addition to being used for the wedding, but also widely used in anniversary, birthday celebration, and even friends gift each other


how to join Evanescence Fondant Cake?

my sugar cake procedure:

1, project consulting: free project information, information and franchise consulting services;

2, store location: according to the requirements of the headquarters training and site selection strategy for local store location;

3, project investigation: the headquarters will send market research personnel to the field investigation to understand the local market and issued a research report, headquarters through the report to determine whether to join;

4, join negotiations:

according to the area of the partners in the environment and their own situation, it is recommended to join the model selection;

according to the partners themselves, to join partners to provide investment budget, investment return accounting professional guidance;

free of charge to provide targeted evaluation and store profit evaluation guide;

interpretation of the terms and conditions of the contract;

5, sign the contract: sign the contract, pay the cost, provide relevant materials and authorization;

6, operation training: provide free partner selection, technical training and management training;

7, opening preparation: headquarters to provide professional decoration design, free guide store decoration construction, opening preparation, etc.;

8, store opening: free of charge to provide business activities and promotional activities guidance;

9, stable operation:

free >