status in today’s competitive industries, if you want to make the business get prosperous development, but also need to do more work, the details is required to cause a work of our attention. Avenue begins with details. Details are often the easiest to do but the most easily overlooked things. It is no big thing that come with vigour and vitality, like a trickle, invisible people gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind feel its warmth. In recent years, Qi victory is paid great attention to detail, starting from the small details, to make their own fast non-staple food supermarket, Business Flourishes.

transposition details of the details of human

as the saying goes: "one hundred people are hard to say". Engaged in the retail business, in the face of every hue of customers every day, do vary, some can accept your explanation, others make impertinent remarks. How to deal with all kinds of customers, 100 steel for around the soft, so that different customers can be calm? Qi Shengli’s approach is to master communication skills,

not surprised, empathy. Calmly and rationally weigh customer mind, to appease the mood of the consumer, starting from the customer’s most urgent needs, put yourself in problem solving.

one evening in July, drizzle. A middle-aged man came to the store to buy a bag of soy sauce, a pack of cigarettes and 32 Hongjinlong battery five. The customer left, it was dark. As a result of light rain, Qi victory wanted to close the door. At this time, the customer rushed to the door and shouted: "how can do business ah, don’t take a few bad battery fool people, and return."

Qi victory asked: how? The customer said, "I’m going home with an electric razor. It’s raining, is it easy for me to go back and forth? Qi Shengli quickly took a look at the customer’s razor, Le: eldest brother, you put the battery positive and negative poles. Then, neatly gave him a good battery, a switch, a razor happily turn up. The male customer holding Qi victory hands, feel shy to say: "I’m sorry, wrong with you." Qi Shengli said it doesn’t matter. It’s my service.

looked at the rain out of the customer, Qi victory heart is not the taste. If the talk point, use ask to buy batteries, tell customers battery correct use method and matters needing attention, she would never again run to the wind and rain. Things are afraid to reverse the reverse, for their own encounter such a thing, but also anxious. How can we solve this problem? Qi Shengli saw his letter to the mall shopping plastic bags, with ideas.

he also produced a number of plastic bags, printed on the front of their store name, address and telephone number. The opposite side of the business scope. At the same time, he also printed a part of the business card, the same address, telephone and business scope on the above. Whenever a customer comes shopping