During the holiday, to grasp the market supply of daily necessities and changes, since September 27th, 24 enterprises in Xining city in a day before 10, fully informed the Municipal Commerce Department to the necessities of the market sales and prices.

it is understood that the 24 companies focus on strengthening the grain, oil, meat, vegetables and other recent price rises fast commodity market monitoring, the operation of the market tendency, signs of problems as soon as possible to make judgments, strengthen market regulation perspective and foresight. That sharp fluctuations in prices of daily necessities, commodity supply shortage, out of stock and other abnormal situations timely reporting.

for the protection of market supply during the holiday season, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to guide enterprises to increase production and marketing efforts to increase food, edible oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other necessities market supply. We should give full play to the advantages of large circulation enterprises, such as a wide range of purchase channels, many operating outlets, low logistics costs, and organize a number of inexpensive goods on the market to maintain market price stability. According to changes in the market, the timely and appropriate amount of reserve goods to put in place to meet the needs of the masses. Strengthen supervision and inspection on the necessities of the market price, the price to crack down on all kinds of illegal and disguised price behavior, promote circulation enterprises to fulfill the social responsibility, strengthen self-discipline, follow the trend of prices and curb unreasonable price. Resolutely stop all kinds of luxury goods packaging, reduce costs, eliminate waste, reduce the burden on consumers.