as the saying goes, "the customer is God", if we want to make the store business is good, want to earn more money, naturally need to please god. After all, we often compare customers to "God."". In daily operation, how to serve God, please God, moved God, satisfied with God? This is a topic that we should all think, explore and learn.

as the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul, eyes are the silent language. The majority of the cigarette retailers, sellers is also a kind of social activity. To learn how to grasp the mentality of customers, and customer communication, customer relationship closer to me. This is conducive to improving the customer "turn back rate", promote cigarette retail, maximize profits. If you don’t believe me, listen to me explain —

"God" with "praise" better

customer focus on the performance of the passions, face. When a customer with a benign countenance, into the store shopping, as the owner or the clerk, you must learn to "repay", make the customer happy. You can put in a sentence: "it looks better on you, the" God "is very happy, a lot of luck, blessing." In general, you have this "flattery", the majority of customers will be wild with joy, a variety of happy children, such as "salary, promotion, children admitted to the University, birthday today" etc..


has nothing to do with the thing, you do not pretend to care nothing about the appearance, and to "say a few words," Strike while the iron is hot. liking, let customers feel that you are not only the peddler, or middleman, so in love and you chatted, friends. This is the business of the trick, but also the way of life, can not learn, can not be used.

remember one summer, a young man bought "furongwang" cigarettes in the shop, he hummed, very happy appearance, I would guess; the "God" must meet the "luck". Delivery of the smoke, I smiled and asked him: "young man, is not in love, and girlfriend met?" The young man nodded happily, "today I went to my girlfriend’s house, and the other one was very pleased with me." I took in a sentence: "you are so handsome boy, which is not seen in favor? Good talk, wedding wedding day The day is not too distant when."

the boy listened to, like a drink Huaihua honey, more smiles, with confidence. When I say: "marriage with alcohol, all in your shop to buy." I thought he had no hair on his lips, and he didn’t care what he said. Who knows the end of the twelfth lunar month, he really drove came to my shop to buy a "red HaoMao" smoke and five "six years Xifeng wine", the value of money, make me happy for a long time, it is a warm winter "word, in a sentence. Wang >