In November 29th twenty-sixth "World AIDS Day" approaching, the provincial Red Cross, the Red Cross, the City District CDC, Chengdong District Red Cross staff came to Yun Jia Kou Zhen Xiao Zhai Cun, AIDS prevention knowledge and emergency nursing training for migrant workers. Through lectures and training, so that migrant workers to understand the relevant knowledge, eliminating the panic psychology, improve the sense of self-protection.

in recent years, with the continuous development of the city, a large number of migrant workers came to the city, to join the ranks of urban construction, the city’s clean, beautiful sweat, for the development of the city to inject vitality. In order not to let migrant workers AIDS sexual behavior into the swamp, keep them away from danger, stay away from drugs of abuse, the Red Cross organization AIDS prevention and emergency rescue personnel to the professional lecturer for migrant workers, they popularize AIDS prevention related knowledge, let them know that AIDS is not terrible, as long as preventive measures, can avoid being infectious. At the same time, in view of the characteristics of migrant workers, emergency rescue training for their knowledge and skills to explain hemostasis, bandaging, fixing, handling, and carry out questions and answers and common trauma interactive sessions at the scene.

also in November 28th, the provincial Red Cross and the Qinghai University College of agriculture and animal husbandry Youth Volunteer Association jointly organized the students to carry out AIDS prevention knowledge, to further strengthen the college students in our province AIDS prevention health education knowledge, improve the students’ knowledge of AIDS prevention awareness and self-protection awareness.