December 15th, Huangzhong County town village Party mouth black DOPA Wencheng greenhouses, Fang and his wife Dong Yun looked at Wencheng closely written sales record book, deeply sighed: "today, our globe finally sold out, hanging in the heart stone is landing."

Since 11,

West metropolitan city of eating red after the event started, Xining people actively participate in urban management, commerce, traffic police and other relevant departments to fully support, then, the provincial capital six big supermarket to help. In December 15th, Fang Wencheng plateau has been sold out "the city to eat red, red" perfect ending.

4 days 90 tons, slow-moving variable selling


"we didn’t think it was selling so fast." Fang Wencheng took the small starting up, "4 retail outlets, two days sold 24 tons; people took 20 tons; 6 supermarkets in two days for 10 tons; the public group purchase 15 tons; plus 20 tons of fruit dealers away. These 4 days sold nearly 90 tons of Red Plateau, really makes people happy."

in the calculation of these days the couple Wencheng sales, there are still a lot of people call the order red, but I am sorry to Wencheng side with each other and say, "I sold out of the red." Fang Wencheng put the phone down, Shuangshouyitan: "red becomes popular unsalable, many people now call the order, but in the remaining red is not ripe, some with good products." In Wencheng plan, the rest of the globe does not intend to sell in large quantities.

has been sold to the supermarket supply red

these two days, the weather is getting cold, Fang Wencheng received a call from several public telephone, said some frozen red, in order to prevent the red was frozen, and quickly removed the 4 Party into temporary point of sale of red globe.

"I came today, you do not sell the red?" "I can’t find your red point of sale?" The same day, the party has received such Wencheng telephone consultation, every time he answered patiently: "because of the fear of grapes frozen, we canceled the temporary point of sale, can buy red in large supermarkets in Xining plateau."

just answer the public telephone over the textile supermarket and Wangfujing supermarket phone call in the supermarket, Red Plateau out of stock, hope Fang Wencheng to send some of the past, we can only say sorry to Wencheng plateau grape has been sold out, unable to supply the supermarket.

left some red to provide people picking

"these two days, there were many people come to pick, left some red house." Fang Wen said, left red, some not ripe, with good products, "let the grape growing for a period of time in the shed, for public picking."

from the West metropolitan city of eating red "activities started, these days there are thousands of people drive to shed a lot of people are picking grapes, is with the elderly and children together," not disappoint them ". Fang Wen said, the two day morning 10;