In December 7th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a traffic police detachment of the eleventh news conference, Xining city and surrounding areas of highway toll system adjustment before the end of December, the outer ring of free and open access.

to implement the provincial government on the "Xining City, surrounding areas of freeway toll system adjustment plan", July 2015, the Xining Municipal People’s Government slow blocking Paul Chang work command monthly regular meetings of the "outer ring network will promote the work and site coordination meeting, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao, mayor Zhang Xiaorong, deputy mayor Wang Ping repeatedly deeply the outer ring and the city road interoperability field research, the outer ring network integration work as an important task of slow blocking Paul Chang to catch the requirements of Xining city comprehensive management of traffic command to make relevant plan as soon as possible, the drafting of the corresponding measures, fully carry out the demonstration, coordination, push forward the work carried out, make sure that the outer ring network the integration scheme is implemented, to ensure that the inner and outer ring and network interoperability, reasonable adjustment of urban traffic flow, reduce urban traffic pressure.

it is reported that the outer ring free passage, north line 7 and line 3 interchange highway no longer charges, 13 types of pedestrians and vehicles shall not enter the outer ring.